Where can I use my bitcoins?

27 January, 2014

Bitcoin is very quickly becoming the currency of the internet. You can even buy a house or a car with bitcoin. You can buy all sorts of goods and you can gamble with your bitcoins. What else can you buy with it and what sites accept them?


Gambling services are becoming one of the fastest growing bitcoin industries on the internet. However you won't find your corporate bookmakers here, which are pissing their pants due to the popularity of bitcoin. The fact of the matter is that those high street bookmakers, the ones that will limit your betting account if you win constantly, or even close your account if you win too much, are not able to offer bitcoin. Go to Coinbet.com and you will find the best bitcoin gambling destinations!

Health Services

Here is a great piece of news: you can already pay for dental services using bitcoin. In fact, a private practice called Penny Meadow Dental Practice in Britain are already accepting them. And if you are ever in need of some aromatherapy then you could take your bitcoins over to Happy Tree Cosmetics also in Britain and use your bitcoins there. A Swiss detox clinic also accepts bitcoin. It's called the Escape Ambulatorium and it is the perfect place to flush your system after a heavy night of drinking.


Struggling to pay rent this month? Not a problem. These days, a variety of apartment complexes all around the world are starting to accept bitcoin as a primary form of payment. In fact, a small holiday resort in Lithuania by the name of Drukskininkai is already accepting them (and sits relatively near the aqua park which contains an abundance of water slides and attractions).

Other accommodation options that you can take include a Boutique Tour in Vietnam as well as a Log Cabin Rental in Glaciers Reach. Rio De Janerio and Dubrovnik have also recently started accepting Bitcoin as a form of currency for apartment rentals.  

Food, Drinks, and Dining

While using your bitcoins may feel limiting at the moment, note that there's a major global movement taking place- especially in the dining industry. For instance, in the United States there are now well over 12,000 restaurants accepting bitcoin as a method of payment.

Staying In

If you're at home and need somewhere to spend your bitcoins, you could always try your luck at online poker. At the moment, Seals with Clubs is a reputable and highly popular online poker room that allows players to gamble their bitcoins. Pay outs are fast and players can withdrawal their funds in the same day.

But if gambling isn't your thing, you could always take the opposite approach and donate your bitcoins to the Church of Saint John the Evangelist in New York. At the moment, they claim to be the first Catholic Church accepting bitcoin as a primary form of currency.

Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories

From Heat Slingers to Babbletees, there are a variety of clothing and accessory options that you can choose to buy with your Bitcoin. If you are searching for a more exotic option then you could complete your fashion collection with a piece from Mono Fur Alle, a Berlin-based clothing company.

Lastly, Grass Hill Alpacas is a family-run business in Massachusetts. They offer Alpaca products in exchange for bitcoins. Their survival socks are incredible, and made from 78% pure Alpaca. They aren't itchy like wool, and will definitely keep you warm and comfortable.

Other Online Merchants Accepting Bitcoin

Let's take a look at a few other highly popular online merchants who are currently accepting bitcoin has a payment option:

  • WordPress: Ranked number 22 in Alexa global rankings, WordPress is the leading site online for creating a free blog. They started accepting bitcoin back in November of 2012.
  • The Pirate Bay: If you ever feel like donating money to your favorite torrent site then you can always do so on The Pirate Bay. They recently started accepting bitcoin in April 2013 in the form of donations.
  • Reddit: This social news and entertainment site is focused around proving users with an outlet for promoting top stories around the world. They started providing the “Reddit Gold” option for users back in February of 2013.
  • OkCupid: This online/social networking site that you can use to build more relationships. Back in April of 2013, they accepted bitcoin in return for additional services for users.
  • Mega (mega.co.nz): Forget about Dropbox! The best encrypted file upload service where the user holds the decryption keys is Mega.co.nz.

If you ever want to register a domain name then you could always give NameCheap a try. They offer affordable domain names as well as URL forwarding and e-mail services- and accept bitcoin.

Sacremento Kings Become the First Pro Sports Team to Accept Bitcoin

The Sacramento Kings became the first professional sports team to start accepting bitcoin within their franchise. Their payment process BitPay claims that fans will be able to purchase merchandise from team shops as well as shop online for tickets and memorabilia.

This move was made after another highly popular company, Overstock, decided to start accepting the decentralized currency as well. The future of bitcoin is still unclear, but one thing can be said for certain: with big-brand names like these entering the mix, the future of the currency seems to be a prosperous one indeed.