Is there bitcoin to be made in cloud mining?

9 December, 2014

As bitcoin continues to gain in notice and value, an increasing number of people have begun to consider getting involved in mining their own bitcoin rather than just simply buying it.

If you are interested in bitcoin mining, it is possible to do so without the hassles that are commonly associated with handling your own hardware. That alternative is to take advantage of the cloud in order to make bitcoin.

Unlike managing your own hardware, with cloud mining, you utilize shared processing power that is operated from remote data centers. All that is needed in order to take advantage of cloud mining is a home computer and a bitcoin wallet, if you choose to use one.

There are actually a number of advantages associated with cloud mining for bitcoin. Among those benefits is the fact that you can enjoy a much quieter and cooler home without incurring any additional electricity costs. Additionally, there is no need to be concerned about hardware failures. With cloud mining, there is also near instantaneous setup, as there is no need to configure software.

While there are numerous advantages related to cloud mining, when you are working toward making bitcoin, it should be kept in mind that there are also potential drawbacks. For instance, it should be kept in mind that cloud mining does present lower profit potentials. After all, you are not actually purchasing the equipment on your own and the operators need to ensure that their costs are covered. Additionally, you should be aware that you will not be able to maintain as much flexibility and control with cloud mining.

If you have decided to give cloud mining a try, you need to be aware that there are three types of cloud mining. Understanding what is involved in those types of cloud mining is vital to choosing the option that is best for your needs and profit goals. Those methods include hosted mining, virtual hosted mining, and leashed hashing power.

With hosted mining, you lease a mining machine that is hosted by a provider. Virtual hosted mining is somewhat different in that you create a virtual private server and then install your own mining software. Leashed hashing power gives you the opportunity to lease a certain amount of hashing power without the need to have a dedicated virtual or physical computer. Currently, this is the most popular method among cloud miners.

TechCrunch recently reported that Bitcoin Brothers, a manufacturer of bitcoin mining supercomputers, is launching its own hosted mining services. The company claims that the machines running the services are stronger and better in order to make the mining process more efficient. For each successful verification of bitcoin transactions, miners will receive 25 bitcoin.

Prior to choosing any cloud mining provider, it is vital to calculate your profit potential so that you will know whether you are making a good decision. The provider should give you an approximate monthly operating cost. Various online bitcoin mining calculators can help you to determine your profit potential using those numbers. The cost of electricity is the most important factors to consider when determining whether it is possible to make a profit with cloud mining. Along with doing the match to determine if the provider you choose will be profitable, it is important to check the reputation of the provider to ensure that you are choosing a trustworthy firm.

When engaging in bitcoin mining of any type, it is important to understand that risks do apply. As more efficient machines come on the market, it is possible to make a profit.